'LUTE' Head Pre-Order

*** 'LUTE' Head Pre-Order ***

* If you confirm that I have read the mail you sent, your order has been accepted,
please wait a little while until I reply to you again.
(I need a little time to check the shipping fee by country)

Order Period :  Order Termination

*Basic Composition: 'LUTE' Head ,Genuine Certificate

*Price : $ + EMS shipping fee

(Only the 'Lute' head and the Genuine Certificate will be delivered. The props in the picture are not included)

*** Order Form ***
Head Type: LUTE
Skin Color:

-Customer Information-
Phone Number:
Your Paypal Name:
Payment Method: paypal (ihavedoll@naver.com / jae soon jang)

Amount you want to enter in EMS:

(If you do not enter the amount you want,
it will be shipped at the original price)

*** Head Information ***

*'LUTE' is the open mouth

*Head Size: 21.5cm ,  8.5inch (wig-8~9, Small SD wig)

*Neck Size: 10.5~7cm

*Eye Size: 14/5,6mm or 12/5,6mm

*Compatible: (Including Head Height)  65cm Boy Body

(The eyes in the promotional picture is 14/5mm, I made it)

*** Skin color information ***

Sweet Beige- Beige with a slightly bright pitch pink skin

Sweet White- Lovely pinkish white skin

*** Please read it ***

*** EMS shipping fee***

Write the Order form above and send to [ ihavedoll@naver.com ]
If you fill out the order form and send it to me, I'll check the shipping charges and let you know.
(Shipping charges will depending on country and quantity)

* **Payment due (48 hours)***

If payment for your order is not confirmed after 48 hours,
It will be canceled automatically.

* Shipping period (shipped by default to EMS)

Pre Order heads will not be sent immediately completed.
I'll send it in order after 14 ~16 weeks of preparation.
(14~16 weeks, excluding holidays and weekends)

(Even if you contact me within the period, shipping time will not shorten.
Please give it understanding)

*Make sure to read [FAQ] before buying the doll.
I can't respond to any problems that occur because I haven't read the FAQ.

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