3 . Order cancellation and exchange refund

***Order cancellation, exchange and refund information

After the payment is completed, You cannot cancel your order because
casting factory will start production.
Therefore, please order carefully.

***Examples of cases where refunds or exchanges are not possible

Common defects common in handmade polyurethane  dolls can not be exchanged or refunded.
(gate removal stain,  minute facial asymmetry, minute bubble or blemish of invisible places.
Also, it produces multiple products, there is a chance that the eye area will get thinner)

***If there are any other serious defects, please contact me within 7 days.

***Paid exchange (For the head)

It is not ready yet, please for your understanding.

*I always leave pictures of doll head that can prove the state before sending and
send after finishing several times of inspections.


 ***Please Make sure to read [FAQ] before buying the doll head************      I HAVE  2014/11/17
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 6 . P.P 안구란? (Painting a Picture Eyes)       I HAVE  2014/08/25
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