4 . Size and compatibility

***body compatible Information

For the boy head, compatible with the 65cm (Including head height) boy body of the vollks or switch Company.

For the girl head, compatible with the SQ-LAB or other company's 59-61cm (Including head height) girl body.

It is difficult to provide accurate information because
there is no body of another company. Please for your understanding.

***LUTE Head Information

*Head Size: 8.5inch (wig-8~9, Small SD wig)
*Neck Size: 10.5~7cm
*Eye Size: 14,12/5mm or 14,12/6mm (Low dome)
(The eyes in the promotional picture is 14/5mm low dome, I made it)


 ***Please Make sure to read [FAQ] before buying the doll head************      I HAVE  2014/11/17
 1 .Payment method      I HAVE  2014/11/17
 2 . Production and delivery period      I HAVE  2014/11/17
 3 . Order cancellation and exchange refund      I HAVE  2014/11/17
 4 . Size and compatibility      I HAVE  2014/11/17
 5 . About face-up      I HAVE  2014/11/17
 6 . What is P.P eyes? (Painting a Picture Eyes)      I HAVE  2014/11/17
 ***********************************************************      I HAVE  2014/11/17
 ***[FAQ] 는 인형 헤드 주문전 필독 해주세요********************      I HAVE  2014/08/25
 1 . 결제 방법      I HAVE  2014/08/25
 2 . 제작 기간      I HAVE  2014/08/25
 3 . 주문 취소 및 교환 환불      I HAVE  2014/08/25
 4 . 바디 스킨 호환 및 사이즈       I HAVE  2014/08/25
 5 . 주문시 메이컵 추가 관련      I HAVE  2014/08/25
 6 . P.P 안구란? (Painting a Picture Eyes)       I HAVE  2014/08/25
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